what is fortnite battle royale

what is fortnite battle royale

Fortnite, What is it about?

Fortnite Battle Royale is one of the most successful games in 2017/2018. Fortnite is a Battle Royale game in which you can play alone, in pairs or as a team of up to 4 people against up to 99 other players. It’s based on the Battle Royale genre where the last survivor wins on the map. The online game now has over 125 million registered users worldwide.

Fortnite is free and there is a long-running hype surrounding Fortnite, especially among teens who play the game almost every day. It’s great that Epic Games offers Fortnite for free, as anyone who wants Fortnite to play alone or with all his friends. Fortnite deserves popularity through its funny comic look, which is underlined by humorous emotes.

Mode 1: Battle Royal

The Battle Royale mode takes place in third-person and is a shooter. At the beginning of the battles you find yourself in the so-called “Battle Bus”, a bus that is transported by a hot air balloon through the air. The players jump out of the Battle Bus, open their parachutes and land on the huge playing card.

There they must try to get inside of cities and villages outside and inside the houses to various items such as weapons, equipment and raw materials. Pickaxe can be used to break down building materials such as wood, stone and metal so that almost everything in the world can be destroyed. You can also build objects such as walls, stairs and walls by installing previously collected materials. These walls then serve as cover and can be strategically placed well.

You can also try to play your opponent as strategically as possible. The goal is to kill his opponents with weapons or traps. Protective walls can be destroyed by enough damage. You have to pay attention to the border, which moves closer and closer to the center of the map after certain periods of time. If you spend too much time outside the border, you die. This should cause all players to meet in the middle of the map sooner or later.

The influence of Fortnite in the real world

Even in the real world, Fortnite has a big impact. More and more dances from Fortnite can be seen on YouTube, pubs and football matches. These dances are very popular among players and also find great recognition in the real world. On YouTube, there are some people dancing these dances or offering tutorials that show how to do the dance you want.

On playgrounds, different children and teens practice the various dances with each other, as they are very funny and amusing for them. But those who think that this is just something for children and adolescents, that is completely wrong: The French player Antoine Griezmann is one of the few football players who like to perform the Fortnite dances as a goal celebration.

Mode 2: Save the world

A less well-known mode of Fortnite is the “Save the World” mode, where you compete with a team against AI opponents who are zombies. There you have to build a base, kill zombies and survive as long as possible. At the latest by the end of 2018 this mode should be offered free of charge as well as the well-known Battle Royal mode.

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